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Activism Jobs

  Cashier/Hostess for Buffalo Wild Wings
Category: Activism
Location: Southern, Illinois
Are you motivated, hardworking, and committed? Do you love wings, beer, and sports? If you answer yes to these then you should apply for a career opportunity with Buffalo Wild Wings. We are as close to being paid to watch sports and eat wings as you're ever gonna get! Diversified Restaurant Holdings is the largest franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. and our benefits are large too. We offer competitive pay, food discounts and 401k. Full time team members are eligible for health benefits, paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, life and disability insurance, discount stock purchase plan and …
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Category: Activism
Location: Provo, Utah
CONSTRUCTION FLAGGING JOBS Flaggers alert drivers of construction by holding signs directing traffic to keep construction associates safe. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:Flag motorists to warn them of obstacles or repair work ahead.Traffic Control Responsible for keeping work zone and passing cars safe using Stop/Slow paddle Direct traffic flow using DOT regulations Maintain a consistent and unrelenting focus on safety throughout all job functions Qualifications Please go into one of our offices of People Ready ALL THE LOCATIONS OFFER FLAGGING CERTIFICATION CLASSES!!! …
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